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Education: K – You
It’s back to school time, so we’re focusing this month’s 10th Anniversary celebration on all thingseducation. Whether it’s new tools for teachers, challenges facing schools and universities, or helping students prepare for college, UCTV’s education programming covers everything to do with learning — from K through You.

Education: K – You

The Challenge of the Slums

Over 1 billion people are living in slums worldwide, and more people are moving in each day, reaching 2 billion by 2030. Urban and slum health is a critical research need and opportunity in the coming decade, concerning those in public health, and also everyone interested in economic development and social justice.

In April 2010, the Center for Global Public Health at UC Berkeley gathered together experts to explore this complex issue from a multidisciplinary perspective, and they’ve shared these important conversations with UCTV’s audience.

The Challenge of the Slums

From Health Care Reform to Oil’s Impact
This month, “Conversations with History” host Harry Kreisler welcomes two high-profile guests to discuss timely issues that affect us all: the environmental impact of oil companies and health care reform.

The BP Disaster – Lessons from the Niger Delta
Oronto Douglas, human rights lawyer and advisor to the President of Nigeria, discusses the impact of major oil companies on the ecology and politics of Nigeria, as well as his thoughts on the current BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reforming American Health Care
George C. Halvorson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Permanente, shares his thoughts on health care reform, the roots of the American crisis, prerequisites for positive change, lessons learned from a career in health care management, and more.

New to UCTV: UCLA Bruin Talk
This month, UCTV is pleased to welcome “UCLA Bruin Talk” to its programming line-up. Hosted by Los Angeles broadcaster Dave Marcus and former UCLA gymnast Naomi Manea, this sports-oriented program gives viewers a glimpse into the respected UCLA sports program through interviews with Bruin coaches, student-athletes and staff. Whether you’re an LA-based viewer (where UCTV has a 24/7 channel on Time Warner Cable) or just a Bruin fan, you won’t want to miss this ongoing monthly series.

UCLA Bruin Talk


All programs repeat throughout the month. Visit the Program Schedule on our web site for additional air dates and times.

Health & Medicine

Vitamin D: Diabetes and Colon Cancer in the Japanese Population

Stuck in the Supplement Aisle? How to Choose and Use the Right Product

Prevention: Reducing Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke


When to Repair Heart Valves

Research on Aging: Is Hormone Therapy Useful or Harmful for Women?

Immune Function in Spaceflight and Aging

Taking Control of Your Diabetes: Heart Disease

Research on Aging: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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Demonstrated Energy Efficient Lighting and HVAC Technologies

Overall Sustainable Design: Best Practice Award Winners

You Can Pull Millions Out of Thin Air on Your Campus

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Public Affairs

The Broader Middle East and the Global Economy

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Arts and Music

UC San Diego Jazz Camp: Finale Concert 2010

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Technology Management Program UCSB: Pandora, A Founder’s View

Technology Management Program: Digital Media – Tools, Trends, Networks

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New Online Videos and Podcasts

Mind-Body Interventions: Is there Power in Positive Thinking?

How Will Our Cities Cope with Climate Change?

CNS News: Cultures Clash

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