Monthly Highlights: December 2011

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The Atlantic Meets The Pacific: More on the Horizon

The six-part series The Atlantic Meets The Pacific from UC San Diego and The Atlantic continues this month with more stimulating conversation about everything from health policy to video games.

Exploring Technology with Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder

Exploring the Future of Gaming and Alternate Realities with Will Wright and Alexis Madrigal

Exploring Health with Ira Magaziner

And check out the series page to see what you missed in November, including interviews with Tesla founder Elon Musk, Deepak Chopra, and Pulitzer-Prize winning author Daniel Yergin, to name a few.

The Science and Art of Climate Change

Researchers, policy makers, corporations and concerned citizens are coming together to address the challenges we face from global climate change and UCTV is the place to discover what they’re learning and how they’re responding. Here’s what’s new in December, or check out our comprehensive Climate Change website for even more.

America’s Climate Choices with Albert Carnesale

The Carbon Cycle Like You’ve Never Seen It, with Margaret Torn

Water is Rising: Music and Dance Amid Climate Change

Science and Art in a Climate of Change: A Dialogue of Nations


All programs repeat throughout the month. Visit the Program Schedule on our web site for additional air dates and times.

Health & Medicine

Do 2.5 Million Children Really Need Ritalin? An Integrative Approach to ADHD

The Massachusetts Health Reform Experience with Dr. JudyAnn Bigby

Research on Aging: Alzheimer’s Disease, A Moving Target

Mind-Body Skills and Self-Regulation: A Look at When, Why and How for Children and Adolescents

Environmental Exposures, Reproductive Development and Periods of Susceptibility

Taking Charge: Physical Activity, Neighborhood Environments, City Planning and Health

Liver Transplantation: Prometheus’ Promise; The Liver Cancer Epidemic: A Major Health Problem Worldwide

You Wanna Piece of Me? Live Donor Transplant at UCSF

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Hunting Dark Energy with David Schlegel

The Future of Batteries with Venkat Srinivasan

CARTA: Uniquely-Human Features of the Brain

Ocean Voyages with Sylvia Earle (Conversations with History)

The Limpet Circus: Behavioral Ecology of the Owl Limpet

more >>

Public Affairs

Legally Speaking: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Almost Within Reach? Why Negotiations Have Failed To Resolve the Arab-Israeli Conflict

“Why Can’t California Fix Itself? The View from Washington” with Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA)

Economics Roundtable: “After the Fall” with Carmen Reinhart

Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World with Daniel Yergin (Conversations with History)

U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq (Conversations with History)

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World Christianity with Peter C. Phan (Burke Lecture)

The American Experiment: A 21st Century Assessment

Bay Area Mystery Writers Panel – Story Hour in the Library

Lunch Poems: Robert Hass Reads Czesław Miłosz

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Arts & Music

An Evening With Jake Heggie & Ian Campbell

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Alex Le, CityVille Executive Producer, Zynga

Keval Desai, VP Product, Digg; PM Director, Google; Investor, AngelPad

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New Online Videos and Podcasts

Financing A College Education: Tips for Families

Saving the World with Simple Pictures: How to Put an Arts Education to Work

Change and Challenge for Entrepreneurs & Innovators

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