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UCTV Launches YouTube’s First University-Run Original Channel

It’s official! UCTV has made history with today’s launch of UCTV Prime, YouTube’s first university-run original channel. Each week, UCTV Prime presents 15 minutes of fresh content — ranging from in-depth documentary mini-series to election analysis, commentary and reports on the latest research developments from throughout the UC system. New programs are uploaded Tuesdays and Fridays at, with bonus material, blog posts and more available at the UCTV Prime website. Make sure to subscribe to UCTV Prime today and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming interactive features.

UCTV Prime makes its YouTube debut with “Naked Art,” a four-part mini-series exploring the preeminent art collections at UC San Diego, UCLA and UC San Francisco. The premiere episode explores UC San Diego’s Stuart Collection, a unique collection of site-specific works by leading artists of our time, including Do Ho Suh, whose latest piece, “Fallen Star,” features a small house that’s been picked up by a mysterious force and “landed” on a building, seven stories up.

Also coming soon, UCTV Prime: Vote, a recurring, 5-minute series offering election analysis and commentary by UC faculty and experts (premieres March 13), and UCTV Prime: Cuts, another regular 5-minute segment reporting on research developments, entertaining events and interesting personalities on the campuses and beyond (debuts March 6). Stay tuned in April for our next mini-series, “The Skinny on Obesity,” examining the obesity epidemic and how UC San Francisco researchers are working to combat it.

Advocating for the Environment

From the international response to climate change to innovations in Green Chemistry, researchers are working hard to protect our planet on many fronts. Get the latest here.

Climate Change: Human Causes and Responses

Green Chemistry: Innovations for an Environmental and Economic Prosperity

A Thirst for Power: The Global Nexus of Energy and Water

America’s Climate Choices with Albert Carnesale

Marine Protected Areas: A Success Story

Nuclear Power: Ethical and Policy Implications

Business Leadership, Reimagined

In these new programs, entrepreneurs and business innovators from various industries offer their insights and inspirations.

Bernard Tyson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kaiser Permanente

The 21 Golden Rules: An Entrepreneurship Fable

Technology Management Program: Seth Epstein

Freedom to Roam with Rick Ridgeway


All programs repeat throughout the month. Visit the Program Schedule on our web site for additional air dates and times.

Health & Medicine

Fibromyalgia: It’s Real, It’s Manageable, What You Can Do

Summit on Autism

Pain of the Weekend Warrior

Health Matters: Medicine and Technology

Research on Aging: Getting Older and Good Sleep; Do They Go Hand in Hand?

The Science of Pain

Health Disparities in Children/Causes Consequences and Conviction

Emotion and Aging: Exploding the Misery Myth

Frontiers in One Health – Biodiversity Loss and the Rise of Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Seeing the Light

CARTA: The Upright Ape: Bipedalism and Human Origins

Marine Protected Areas: A Success Story

Exploring Ethics: The Conduct of Science in the Information Age

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Public Affairs

Legally Speaking: Stephen Breyer

2012: A Turning Point? If So, Which Way? with Robert Reich

Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation with Richard Sennett

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To Be Human: In His Image and Likeness: Being Human in Ancient Israel with William H.C. Propp

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Arts & Music

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra: Bartók – Bluebeard’s Castle

Rebecca Lytle Memorial Concert: Jazz Gone Global

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Education & Sports

Bruin Talk: March 2012

Everyday Life and Learning

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New Online Videos and Podcasts

The Psychology of Meditative Thinking: A Practical and Philosophical Approach to Wellness in Integrative Medicine

Advances in Non-Operative Pain Management: A Spectrum of Options

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