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UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity

Maybe you saw him last night on “60 Minutes.” Or perhaps you’re one of the millions who’s watched his UCTV YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.” UCSF’s Dr. Robert Lustig has made some serious waves with his research that points to sugar as a toxin that’s fueling the global obesity epidemic, and soon he’ll be coming to UCTV Prime.

Premiering April 13, “The Skinny on Obesity” is a seven-part series examining the startling rise in obesity rates and how UC San Francisco researchers like Dr. Lustig are working to combat it. Don’t miss this essential series, exclusive to UCTV Prime, a YouTube original channel. New episodes every Friday. Watch a trailer at the series page.

Emotions, Thoughts & Health: What All Aging Bodies Should Know

Our brains change as we age, and how we think and feel changes too. Could it be that paying attention to our daily lives and our aging brains might slow our cellular aging? Or that certain emotional interactions can predict relationship happiness decades later?

In these new programs from UCSF’s Osher Mini Medical School, researchers and experts share the latest science on the intersection between cognition, emotion, health and aging. It’s an exciting new frontier and you — and your brain — won’t want to miss it!

Politics and Public Service

With the recent launch of UCTV Prime’s YouTube original series “Prime: Vote,” we’re showcasing a range of new programs that canvas America’s political landscape during an important election year. Whether it’s getting a better understanding of the issues in the public debate or taking a look back at the careers and decisions of some prominent public servants, UCTV is a reliable resource for what you need to know.

Politics and Public Service Programs on UCTV


All programs repeat throughout the month. Visit the Program Schedule on our web site for additional air dates and times.

Health & Medicine

National Autism Awareness Month on UCTV

Research on Aging: Consumer Genomics/What Do People Do With Their Genomes?

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Introduction to CO2 Chemistry in Seawater

Mayan Cosmology Cycle Ends: Precision Cosmology Progresses

Toll on the Commons: What Have We Taken and What Will be the Future Costs

Fish & Chips: Using High-Tech Tools to Learn More About Fish

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Public Affairs

31st Annual Review of the Presidency: Election Year – The Obama Presidency and the 2012 Campaign

Emissions Trading and Climate Finance: Is 2012 the Dead End or the Crossroads?

Public Service – A Great Career with Michael Dukakis

The Struggle for Egypt with Steven Cook (Conversations with History)

Legally Speaking: Elyn Saks

Exploring Ethics: Healthcare Disparities –The Palliative Power of Understanding Science

From Point Guard to Mayor with Kevin Johnson (Conversations with History)

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Damned Nations: Ending the Global War Against Women and Children

Point Loma Writers: A Conversation with Christopher Hedges

To Be Human: Desire, Temptation and Spiritual Struggle: Historical Christian Perspectives on Being Human

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Arts & Music

La Jolla Music Society: SummerFest 2011: Mozart, the Sublime Spirit

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Raising Venture Capital: Some of the Important Rules Have Changed

Shining a Light on a Social Entrepreneurship Startup: Unite to Light

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New Online Videos and Podcasts

The Science of Pain

Prime: Cuts – Protecting California’s Hospitals – The Preview

Naked Art (Ep. 4): Museums Without Walls

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  1. yes amyajak, the tnhgis tam has said is the right way to reduce weight in healthy way and naturally even if u meet doctor and ask them any medication to reduce weight, they will say the same tnhgis ..cntrol your calories intake and do the exercise atleast 3 times perweek .. but to achieve anything in life u must have goal and need to be discipline .i also have experienced like you amyajak’ during childhood i can be categorized as obesity kids as my weight 61kgs with height 142cm ,then after 1 years later, i control my diet and jogging 3-5 times per week ..i lose 11 kgs and that time i was achieved my ideal weight hoorrayy .unfortunately after graduate ,i gained weight back even more than before around 85 kgs ..bUT I NEVER THINK IT WILL BE END..i start back my aim to lose weight, after read ebook frm Bro kevin (its good to have 1 because inside it have proper explaination, and teach you hw to plan lose weight)hehe .nt because i comment at kevin/ask and i want promote his book but just to share my experience using that book ..after 6 weeks i lose 6 kgs nw my weight 78kgs so i got another 11kgs to let go .chaiyok . +3Was this answer helpful?

  2. amyajak, i’ve been there before. i’m 175cm with a wihegt of 105kg, maybe about 4 months ago. now, i’m only 87kg, but still far from my ideal BMI. I’ve not taken any diet pills or whatnot. Just a proper plan which is divided into two, daily exercises with a rest day on Sunday and also a daily balanced meal, about 4-5 meals. U know what, i still taking rice everyday although there is a myth that said that rice will make you fat, well I think that idea is busted now.haha 1st thing first, calculate your daily calorie requirement, and try to have deficit calorie everyday. Don’t exceed the limit. And then, cardio exercises such as jogging 30 mins everyday and bear in mind, it is a compulsory to take a rest day once in a week. Now,I’m still losing my wihegt about 1kg per week. Sounds slow right, but I think this is a nice plan without sudden reduction and diet pills -9Was this answer helpful?

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