Science Fiction Goes to School!

Want to know more about the science fiction studies program at UC Riverside discussed in “It Came from Riverside (Ep. 3): Science Fiction Goes to School?” Well, here you go!

Rob Latham, UC Riverside

Rob Latham, a professor of English and senior editor of the journal Science Fiction Studies, certainly believes that UC Riverside is the developing center for science fiction studies in the world.

The Eaton Collection is central to this idea, but the university is also in the process of establishing an undergraduate and graduate degree program in science fiction and technoculture.

“UCR is one of the very few universities in the world to have a major library archive in science fiction and a substantial cohort of researchers, writers, and teachers whose work engages with science fiction and technoculture studies,” Latham says.

Latham joined UCR in 2008 as part of the initiative to build an SF program. In 2010 [SF writer] Nalo Hopkinson was hired in Creative Writing and this year Sherryl Vint joins the English department.

“Now that we have the three science fiction specialists on faculty, the task in 2012-2013 is to put together, at the graduate level, a certificate program (called at UCR a Designated Emphasis) in Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies. Soon afterwards, the program would also likely develop an undergraduate minor,” Latham explained.

UCR is home to the annual Eaton Science Fiction Conference, which is devoted to the study of all aspects of science fiction as a literary genre and social phenomenon. Last May, the university also hosted the symposium of science fiction and technology.

“Since our goal is to establish a degree program in the field, this one-day symposium [was] geared to address issues relevant to graduate- and undergraduate-level research and teaching in science fiction and technoculture. Our hope is that ideas seeded at this event will find fruition in future academic initiatives at UCR,” Latham said.

“It Came from Riverside (Ep. 3): Science Fiction Goes to School”

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