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UC Merced researchers discovered that hollow cylindrical luminescent solar concentrators, bottom, are more efficient than traditional flat panel concentrators.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting into a piping hot car that’s been sitting in the sun for hours. Would it help to know that at least some of that heat was generating energy for you?

That’s what the UC Merced researchers in the latest episode of UCTV Prime Cuts are working on and it’s a pretty cool way to make the sun’s energy work for you.

As you’ll see in the video, the research team has redesigned luminescent solar concentrators to be more efficient at sending sunlight to solar cells, allowing for much less cost-prohibitive solar panels to be used in new places — like the windows of your car while it bakes in the sun.

Check it out… yay science!

Solar Concentrators – UCTV Prime Cuts


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