Why We Need TV Comedy

Just when you thought academia wasn’t any fun.

This new series “All in the..Modern Family: Celebrating the Art and Impact of TV Comedy,” from UC Santa Barbara’s Carsey-Wolf Center  — as in legendary TV producers Marcy Carsey (“The Cosby Show,” “Roseanne,” “3rd Rock from the Sun” to name a few) and Dick Wolf (“Law & Order” of every variety) — will make your casual TV watching feel like “research.”

The three-part series focuses on the powerful, constantly changing genre of television scripted comedies and lets you inside the writers’ room and the minds of TV’s most successful producers, plus commentary from journalists, scholars and more.

Check out the first episode, “Why We Need Scripted Comedies,” moderated by Howard Rosenberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning former television critic for the Los Angeles Times.