Boo-Boos and Bellyaches: New Approaches to Keeping Kids Healthy

Are children today sicker or healthier than we were?

Increasingly, things that were thought to be a normal part of childhood are being recognized and treated as chronic medical conditions. Where do we draw the line between these “normal things that kids get” and “medical conditions?”

In the face of a seemingly rapid increase in the number of children with acute and chronic illnesses, the new UCSF Mini Medical School series, “New Approaches to Keeping Kids Healthy,” explores what we know and what remains a mystery (or a simple myth) and challenges you to think in new ways about old concepts in pediatric medicine. 

The six-part series runs through the first week of November. You can find all program listings at the series page, with more coming online each week. Here’s what’s available now:

Food Allergies: Past, Present and Future

Is Fast Food Addictive?

The Science Behind Old Wives’ Tales: Fact vs. Fiction


2 thoughts on “Boo-Boos and Bellyaches: New Approaches to Keeping Kids Healthy

  1. Unless my children are severely sick or injured I try to stay as much as possible from traditional medicines and stick to natural healers such as garlic, herbs and oils.

  2. Its a slippery slope using mainly “natrual” healers such as garlic and oils. Hot soup is great for a cold but if my daughters has an identified bacterial infection nothing beats antibiotics.

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