When Museum Meets Orchestra, Things Get Wild

What happens when a group of young, talented musicians are given free reign in a world-class museum? Things get wild.

See for yourself in the first episode of “Museum Meets Orchestra,” a new UCTV Prime documentary series that goes behind the scenes with wild Up, a 24-member, experimental classical/contemporary orchestra that just wrapped an unusual six-month residency at the UCLA Hammer Museum.

During that time, the orchestra presented three major concerts and 30 smaller chamber music performances that defied convention and transformed the museum into a space as unexpected and moving as the music itself. Through interviews and performance footage, the 4-part series invites you inside the group’s creative process for a truly unique viewing experience.

Episode 1 offers an overview of the residency and an introduction to wild Up’s key ensemble members, who talk about the origins and sensibility of the group. Stay tuned Tuesdays in January for new episodes that just might change how you think about “classical” music.


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