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Work in Progress: Museum Meets Orchestra Episode 3

For the last few weeks, UCTV Prime’s  “Museum Meets Orchestra” series has followed the progress and process of wild Up, a 24-member, experimental classical/contemporary orchestra, during their unique six-month residency that transformed UCLA’s Hammer Museum into a space as unexpected and moving as the music itself.

The third installment, now available online, takes you deep into the creative process to see how the group’s members work together to develop, publicly rehearse and ultimately perform their final concert, “Art. Music.”

Sometimes playful, occassionally intense, you’ve most certainly never seen an orchestra like this.

Watch “Museum Meets Orchestra – Episode 3” online now, and watch for the fourth and final installment January 29 on UCTV Prime.


When Museum Meets Orchestra, Things Get Wild

What happens when a group of young, talented musicians are given free reign in a world-class museum? Things get wild.

See for yourself in the first episode of “Museum Meets Orchestra,” a new UCTV Prime documentary series that goes behind the scenes with wild Up, a 24-member, experimental classical/contemporary orchestra that just wrapped an unusual six-month residency at the UCLA Hammer Museum.

During that time, the orchestra presented three major concerts and 30 smaller chamber music performances that defied convention and transformed the museum into a space as unexpected and moving as the music itself. Through interviews and performance footage, the 4-part series invites you inside the group’s creative process for a truly unique viewing experience.

Episode 1 offers an overview of the residency and an introduction to wild Up’s key ensemble members, who talk about the origins and sensibility of the group. Stay tuned Tuesdays in January for new episodes that just might change how you think about “classical” music.


Museum Meets Orchestra – Sneak Peek!

What comes to mind when you think ‘orchestra?’

Well, you’ll toss that idea out the window when you see what wild Up, a 24-member, experimental classical/contemporary orchestra based in Los Angeles, pulled off during their unprecedented six-month residency at the UCLA Hammer Museum, which concludes December 21.

We’re in production now on “Museum Meets Orchestra,” a four-part series that goes behind the scenes with the artists and illustrates the modern music collective’s creative process as they defy convention and transform the museum into a space as unexpected and moving as the music itself.

The series premieres January 8 on UCTV Prime but here’s a sneak peek of what wild Up’s up to now.


Philip Glass and Company Introduce Cello Concerto

It’s not everyday that a famous composer comes to town to premiere a new work. That day came for San Diego in 2007 when composer Philip Glass made his way to the beautiful beach community of La Jolla for the American debut of his piece, Cello Concerto, with the renowned La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, an ensemble affiliated with UC San Diego.

Also classing up the place was cellist Wendy Sutter and conductor Steven Schick, all of whom are featured in this short video introduction, new on UCTV Prime Cuts. Once you’ve got your primer, it’s time to watch the performance itself.

Chances are you’ll be hungry for more, so consider perusing our complete collection of diverse La Jolla Symphony and Chorus performances and behind the curtain interviews that we’ve made available over the years. Enjoy!


Splish Splash, Music’s Taking a Bath

Though perhaps best known for his film scores, including “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Tan Dun is a prolific and versatile composer whose work fuses conventional instruments, natural sounds, electronics and Asian and Western idioms into a dynamic, cohesive whole.

In this interview, recorded during La Jolla Music Society’s 2012 SummerFest season, Tan Dun discusses the artistic strategies employed in his theatrical oratorio “Water Passion,” inspired by Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion.”

You’ll be able to see more from this and other SummerFest performances when they premiere in October on UCTV. For now, get primed with this special “UCTV Prime Cuts” clip from the show.

Or how about catching up with some of Tan Dun’s previous SummerFest appearances?

Tan Dun’s Elegy: Snow in June — La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest 2006

Tan Dun’s “Ghost Opera” – La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest 2003