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Ronald Reagan at 100: A Son Reminisces

Ron Reagan at UC San Diego's Revelle Forum

February 6 would’ve been President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday and, while his name is so often invoked in political discussions, there’s still plenty to say about the man as, well, a man.

In his new book “My Father at 100,” the President’s youngest child Ron sets out to do just that, and he stopped by UC San Diego Extension’s Revelle Forum at the Neurosciences Institute to share some of his most endearing memories and frank opinions with interviewer Phyllis Pfeiffer.

The affable Reagan describes the complicated, yet loving relationship he enjoyed with his father, even as his own political views veered decidedly to the left. A compelling storyteller like his father, Reagan steers clear of nitty gritty politics and lets us in on his own journey to understand the more private side of this very public man. It’s a respectful yet compelling conversation that all will enjoy, no matter what your politics.

Revelle Forum: Ron Reagan