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Poetry Spring Fling with Billy Collins and More

No foolin’…. April is National Poetry Month and we’re headlining our celebration with a delightful presentation featuring American poet Billy Collins, who reads a selection of humorous poems and discusses the craft of writing with host Dean Nelson and an appreciate audience at the keynote event of the 2013 Writer’s Symposium by the Sea.

You can watch the complete program, “An Evening with Billy Collins,” or enjoy the excerpted readings we’ve made available.

You can also browse our astounding archive of programs from past Writer’s Symposium events, going all the way back to 2000 with guests such as Otis Chandler, former publisher of the LA Times, and best-selling author George Plimpton. There’s even a remarkable conversation with legendary author Ray Bradbury!

If you’re hungry for more poetry, make sure to browse our complete poetry library, loaded with established and emerging writers from around the world.


Meet Our Newest Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey

We just read the news that Pultizer Prize-winning author Natasha Trethewey is slated to be the next poet laureate of the United States, an amazing honor for someone who is only 46 years old. She’s also the first Southerner to hold the post.

Ms. Trethewey was a guest on UCTV’s “Lunch Poems” poetry reading series from UC Berkeley in 2010, which means you can watch and listen to her work right here, right now. Enjoy!


Remembering Ray Bradbury

Today we remember legendary writer Ray Bradbury, who passed away this week at the age of 91.

A prolific writer who helped elevate the literary reputation of the science fiction genre, Bradbury has also been one of the most popular guests on our “Writer’s Symposium by the Sea” series.

He appeared in 2001 to talk about his craft in “An Evening with Ray Bradbury,”, and sat down with host Dean Nelson for an in-depth and frank conversation about his life and love of writing. Both videos are online and ready for you to enjoy and fondly remember this iconic American writer.



Listen Up: Make the Most of National Poetry Month with UCTV’s Poetic Voices

A poet’s voice may sing on the page, but it really soars when heard aloud. Since April is National Poetry Month, why not take a daily poetry break with UCTV’s abundant archive of poetry readings featuring writers from around the world ranging from Nobel Laureates like Robert Hass to promising young poets studying at UC Berkeley.

Check out our video poetry collection and find your favorite voice.

Or how about starting your Poetry Month celebration with award-winning poet Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon?