Got Roku? Then you’ve got UCTV!

How do you watch TV? Until just a few years ago, there were only a few ways to answer that question: cable, satellite or good, old-fashioned “rabbit ears” antennae. But, as the availability of high-speed Internet has skyrocketed and consumers are finding ways to watch TV without a cable or satellite subscription, the list of potential answers keeps growing, and growing…

Since UCTV first went on the air in 2000, we’ve followed the technology trends, first making our programming available as a live webstream, then on-demand at our website. Then came our partnership with Google Video, which soon morphed into YouTube. Our YouTube channel is now one of YouTube’s most popular education channels with more than 50,000 subscribers and over 34.5 million video views!

Then came podcasting and our launch in Apple’s iTunesU, where we now host dozens of subject-specific feeds that garner millions of downloads each month.

This week, UCTV took its next technology leap with a new channel on Roku, an inexpensive box that connects with your TV and enables you to enjoy streaming content (such as movies, TV shows, music) on your television through your Internet connection. On Roku you’ll find a collection of content from the likes of Netflix, huluPLUS, Amazon, Pandora…and now UCTV, available for free, right on your TV. The UCTV Roku channel features a live stream of the channel as well as on-demand video organized by subject matter and special monthly features. Find out more about UCTV on Roku here.

But we’re not stopping there. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for news about our iPhone app and even more exciting developments. In the meantime, keep watching UCTV — and let us know HOW you watch!


4 thoughts on “Got Roku? Then you’ve got UCTV!

  1. I’ve not been able to view any UCTV programs through my Roku LT. In any of the categories, I get a “retrieving” message but it goes no further.
    Is the UCTV Roku private channel working? If so, is there more for me to do before I can receive the programs?

    Thanks very much,

  2. Hi Fred, We checked our Roku channel and everything seems to be up and running on our end. Please go to and verify that you have added the channel correctly, using the UCTVGOROKU code (not through any sort of ‘private’ channel). Hope that helps and thanks for watching!

  3. I had previously added UCTV as a private channel. Yesterday I added UCTV through the Roku Channel Store and voila! it’s all viewable.
    Thanks very much for the help, and for the excellent programs,

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