This Hospital Wired for Earthquake Safety

Here in California, we’ve learned some lessons when it comes to preparing for the next big earthquake. This is especially true for integral pieces of public infrastructure like freeway overpasses and hospitals.

Now, UC San Diego’s Englekirk Structural Engineering Center is preparing for the largest, most complex seismic test ever conducted and “Prime: Cuts” has a preview with “Protecting California’s Hospitals.”

In this 12-minute video, you’ll get an inside look at the multitude of ways that engineers are planning to monitor the nonstructural systems of a prototypical hospital, including the first-time-ever seismic test of a working elevator and fire testing. Then, we’ll be back with a report on the results and what it means for California’s hospitals.


2 thoughts on “This Hospital Wired for Earthquake Safety

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  2. Do live you around North of San Diego? Maybe some part of San Diego or California in pciuratlar is not affected with the recent Earthquake. Earthquake usually occur in some areas. Maybe it happened that you didn’t have an earthquake from where you live and we do here. =)

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