UC Berkeley’s Robert Reich Gives His Take on Where 2012 Will Take Us

Before he became a professor at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, Robert Reich served in three national administrations, most recently as Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton.

An auther of thirteen books, chairman of Common Cause and a regular contributor to public radio’s “Marketplace,” Reich is a dynamic public speaker who doesn’t hold back when it comes to his opinions and predictions on the economy, the presidential election, tax policy and more.

In his most recent UCTV talk, “2012: A Turning Point? If So, Which Way?” Reich gives an empowering presentation on the state of the nation during this election year and where he thinks we might be headed, followed by a Q&A with Henry Brady, dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy. You can find even more programs with Robert Reich at the UCTV website.


2 thoughts on “UC Berkeley’s Robert Reich Gives His Take on Where 2012 Will Take Us

  1. On Tuesday September 20th I will be interviewing Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Labor srecetary on his book Aftershock and the state of the economy. Please check out details here.

  2. If you look at the blog you did earlier and coapmre 29 to today It’s damned obvious we are in a depression as bad or maybe even worse than 29. All this happy talk about a recovery under way is pure bullshit. If this runs the course of previous depressions it will last close to 4 years and I suppose the end will depend on when you started counting. Were probably a year into it and with luck two to go.

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