Smart Talk from UC Political Scientists on “UCTV Prime:Vote”

UC San Diego's Thad Kousser and UCLA's Lynn Vavreck talk "Political Messaging on the Economy" on the newest edition of "Prime: Vote."

As producer of “Prime: Vote,” the political is personal for me as I now have the great opportunity to interview the smartest minds in the University of California system about the 2012 election.  A dream come true!

Next up in the series is “Political Messaging on the Economy” with Lynn Vavreck of UCLA and Thad Kousser of UC San Diego.  These two political scientists examine how Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Barack Obama are crafting their economic messages to appeal to voters.  All three candidates began this campaign in a weak economy. But with signs of recovery, should they adjust their strategies?  Vavreck and Kousser join me for some smart talk on this timely topic.  Check it out.

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