UCTV Needs Your Support

Support UCTVAfter 12 years and more than 4,000 programs, UCTV has become a multi-platform, public-serving media outlet serving millions around the world on cable, Roku, the UCTV website, YouTube and iTunesU. We even launched our new YouTube original channel, UCTV Prime, last month and are very close to rolling out our first iPhone app (free, of course).

Despite our success, UCTV’s bottom line has taken a significant hit, as has the entire University of California, as a result of the state’s severe and ongoing budget crisis. (Visit UC’s Budget News website for the latest budget updates.)

That’s why we’re turning to you, our loyal viewers, to ask for your support. Large or small, your contribution will help ensure that TV and web audiences continue to have free and ready access to the knowledge, culture and lifelong learning opportunities UCTV offers to its viewers around the globe.

It’s simple to give online and you’ll know that you played a part in ensuring that there is still a place for thoughtful television and web programming in today’s increasingly commercial media landscape. Please consider giving today at our website, http://www.uctv.tv/support.

Thank you for watching and making UCTV a part of your life.


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