Reigning in Sugar with Regulation – “The Skinny on Obesity” Series Finale

This week we wrap up “The Skinny on Obesity” series with an argument for why obesity is a public health and economic threat that’s worthy of the same treatment as other public health problems like smoking and drug abuse. For our experts, nothing short of wholesale change in what we expect from the food industry will make a dent in America’s obesity problem.

Some might call Dr. Lustig’s argument for the regulation of sugar as the creation of a “nanny state,” but he insists that food manufacturers already benefit tremendously from government subsidies and have limited  consumer choice to predominantly high-sugar foods– precisely how we got so fat in the first place. It’s a provocative argument and one worth hearing out. Watch “The Skinny on Obesity: Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol..and Sugar?”

But don’t stop there. We’ve made plenty of resources available, including an editorial by UCSF Public Health Professor Laura Schmidt, who backs up the argument for sugar regulation, as well as an overview of the research that supports such interventions.

We hope you’ve gotten as much out “The Skinny on Obesity” as we have working on it. I know many of us here at UCTV have already made changes in how we eat and think about food. While we still have the ocassional birthday cake in the office, you can be darn sure that we’re calculating the toll it takes on our bodies, brains and society at large. It still tastes pretty good though.

Stay tuned in June for the next UCTV Prime series, “Our Digital Life.” The three-part series premieres June 15 and explores how researchers at UC Merced are using digital technology to inform and influence our lives.


13 thoughts on “Reigning in Sugar with Regulation – “The Skinny on Obesity” Series Finale

  1. Public health policy is what CAUSED the health epidemic we have today. For 40 – 50 years, fat and red meat were the enemy. As Dr Lustig pointed out, Americans reduced fat consumption. It didn’t work, and led to the increase in sugar consumption. Sugar was thought to be harmless. Furthermore, there are lots of other problems with the mass produced diet besided fructose.The Federal government recommended 12 servings of grain per day, yet human beings were not meant to live on grass seed, nor were animals. Grains cause an imballance in the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio, and promote all the inflammatory diseases. This acts synergistically with the high fructose levels to our detriment. Nevertheless, grains are often subsidized by the Federal government. Due to actions by the USDA and the FDA, we now have natural food producers being raided by the Federal government because they are not following the mass produced food manufacturing processes.  Naturally produced foods need less processing because there is far less chance of the spread of disease versus such methods as Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFO’s. Grain fed animals are sick animals. Check out Monoculture produce deplets the soil and only provides the nutrients  that were needed for the plants to grow. The Federal and state governments cannot be trusted to get it right and are only going to continue to make mistakes and push them on the public. The first step in the solution is to allow small farmers to provide natural foods. Check out The only healthy diet is the natural diet humans had for tens of  thousands of years. Dr Loren Cordain did much of the research on this. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that the Federal and state governments will begin to promote this anytime soon. The first step is to allow the production and sale of natural foods, and people slowly will change over to this superior diet when they see that it is what we are genetically meant to live on. Governments cannot be trusted to force food consumptions decisions upon Americans. This has been painfully obvious for too long.

  2. This series is excellent… thank you Dr Lustig and all who contributed to it. As a health consultant and practitioner, I will be promoting this entire series without hesitation. For my athletes, I have ASEA (glycogen sparring fluid made of reactive molecules) see my website for more info.

    Here’s my question, I’m working with many seniors also that are very confused about what to eat. What resources exist that I can refer them to that allows proper balance, good nutrition, safety from GMO’s and toxins like fructose. Does a food list exist? How about the proper diet and exercise for the extremely obese?

    Thanks again… I highly encourage anyone who is confused about obesity to take the time to view this series… it is a pivotal time that we ALL raise our level of awareness.

  3. So… I have watched all the episodes. I am now confused as to what we are to do- other than obviously cutting excess sugar?? Is there a good number of grams of sugar we should remain below? Fruit is all fructose so should we limit fruit? An apple has roughly 17 g of sugar. That seems high to me but mixed with the fiber – is he saying that is ok? I don’t believe in eliminating any real food groups. I wish he was more specific about lifestyle. I think his science was very eye-opening. I love this series. Spot on.

  4. Wow. I don’t mean he needed to be more specific about lifestyle… In fact that is what the series was about!!…. What I meant is I wish he was more specific on maybe how much sugar we should be consuming daily etc. but I also know that was not the intention of this series.

  5. Dear Dr Lustig.

    You are my Time Man of the Year!

    Since I watched The Bitter Truth early this year, and uncovered the work of other researchers on Sugar and Wheat whose conclusions mirrored yours, I have lost 12 Kg, and have never felt better. This in spite of the fact that I am a 72 year old with Dilated Cardiomyopathy!

    My general state of health is as good as it was pre diagnosis 5 years ago, and my mental acuity is better than ever. I have passed on references to your numerous Video clips to friends, and 5 of them have now lost between 5 and 12 KG.

    You charismatic and scientifically riveting presentations make you today’s SUPERSTAR, in a world full of phoneys.

    Can’t wait ’til your forthcoming book is published. Thanks also to Gary Taubes, Dr William Davis of Wheat Belly fame, and the many others contributing to this most important debate.

    Many Thanks,

    Ivan Watt

  6. Good work Felix! I am an Australian and we have almost the same set of circumstances here as exist in the USA.

    I was shocked when I first read the work of Dr Loren Cordain, which led me to look at sugar and then the work of Dr Lustig. Many other experts are focusing on Wheat and other gluten-bearing grains, because of the huge impact of goods produced from White Wheat Flour, which is 70% carbohydrate, of which 75% is Amylopectin A which in turn is metabolised into Glucose.

    We in Australia have a huge obesity problem, probably more to do with Sugars from Grains than HFCS laden packed foods which are a bigger issue in USA.

    We are fortunate here in the ready availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, but most of our beef is feedlot raised, and grain fed. There is a growing movement here to shift to grass fed beef, and the availability of 100% grass fed beef and lamb is growing.

    We all need to do what we can to support the work of experts like Dr Lustig and the others who are beginning to change our thinking on the great lie which is the SAD Standard American Diet which has created the greatest pandemic, OBESITY, as confirmed by Dr Lustig, in the history of mankind!

    Ivan Watt

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