Touchdown Mars!

One of the first images from Curiosity after landing on Mars (NASA)

What were you doing when Curiousity touched down on the surface of Mars?

For those of us in California, the exciting moments of the rover’s descent and landing took place just before bedtime (10:30pm) so we watched it live on the NASA website. Don’t know about you, but we found it hard to hold back the tears as we watched the scientists and engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory erupt into celebration after the picture perfect landing.

Science is a beautiful thing and we can’t wait to see what Curiosity sends back to Earth in the coming months and years.

In the meantime, let’s look back at Curiosity’s rover predecessors, Spirit and Opportunity, with Steven Squyres,  the principle scientist behind the Mars Exploration Rover Project, who visited UC Berkeley in 2011. He shares his experiences working on the mind-boggling project and talks about the future of planetory exploration in these three programs:

Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet 

The Future of Planetary Exploration

Roving Mars with Steve Squyres (Conversations with History)