The Affordable Care Act is Good Enough for This Professor

UCSF's Janet Coffman

There’s already more than enough heated rhetoric about Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) — or anything political for that matter — to last us until the 2016 election. Instead of partisan pundits and spokespeople, we really need to hear the calm, reasonable, rational voices of people who’ve spent their careers studying and interpreting public health policy, among many other issues.

That brings us to our latest installment of UCTV Prime Vote, featuring Janet Coffman, an associate professor of medicine at UC San Francisco. In her commentary “The Affordable Care Act is Good Enough,” Professor Coffman argues that voters need to understand what the ACA does in order to judge it properly. In her view, the health care law is not perfect, but it’s better than what we have now.

Share your response to Professor Coffman’s argument in the video’s comments section and, whatever you do, make sure your trip to the polls in November is an informed one. Stay tuned in September for more programs about the ACA and other important issues of our time.