The Wolfman Speaks (about Storytelling in Comics and Video Games)

If you’ve watched UCTV Prime’s “It Came from Riverside” series, then you’ve already had your virtual tour of the world’s largest science fiction and fantasy collection (if not, then we suggest you get on it!). Now we get the chance to bring you some bona fide stars of the genre!

Today it’s a visit from legendary comic book writer and editor Marv Wolfman (Marvel Comics, DC Comics and more), who discusses the art and craft of writing compelling stories with emotionally complex characters and imaginative plots for comics, animation, video games and everything in between.

Watch “The Wolfman Speaks (about Storytelling in Comics and Video Games)” and check back next Friday (Sept 28) for our interview with science fiction author and futurist David Brin!


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  1. Maggie: Don’t worry about it. I got on a roll and strayed out of the 1970s mylesf, so the suggestions for: Dennis O’Neil: The Question Keith Griffen: Ambush Bug AND Roy Thomas: Justice Society/All Star Squadron are unfortunately null and void. So my revised suggestion list is: Len Wein: Swamp Thing Len Wein: Justice League of America Steve Englehart: Avengers Steve Englehart: Defenders Cary Bates: The Flash David V. Reed: Batman Dennis O’Neil: Batman Dennis O’Neil: The Shadow Paul Levitz: The Legion of Super-Heroes Roy Thomas: Conan/Red Sonja I would have loved to have nominated Steve Gerber for anything, especially Howard The Duck, but since Tony didn’t stipulate any rules concerning whether or not the writer would still be available to resume the assignment if they won

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