David Brin Sounds Off on the Seriousness of Science Fiction and More

Not many people can claim the title of “futurist,” but David Brin isn’t your average guy. He’s a scientist, best-selling author, recipient of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, and someone who relishes tackling the big ideas about the future of society, science and mankind.

In these installments from UCTV Prime’s series “It Came from Riverside: Inside the World’s Largest Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection,”Brin gets real about the relevance of science fiction as “essentially American” literature and why it deserves legitimate study at American universities. He also discusses the merits and hazards of extrapolation in science fiction and shows his optimistic side, making the case for enlightened optimism in the face of growing cynicism about and within Western civilization.

It’s fascinating stuff and an inspiring way to wrap up an intriguing series.

Science Fiction Horizons: David Brin on Science Fiction as Literature

The Positive-Sum Game: David Brin vs. Cynicism

David Brin on the Science Fiction Barometer


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