Threading Film’s Next Reel: Dreamworks’ Stacey Snider

Daniel Day Lewis brings Abraham Lincoln to life in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” but it’s not just history buffs and movie mavens who are celebrating the big event.

In this edition of our terrific “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific” series, Stacey Snider, co-chairman and CEO of DreamWorks Studios, joins James Fallows to talk about her role in helping to make the landmark film a reality, as well as her experiences bringing masterpieces like “The Help,” “Erin Brockovich,” “Brokeback Mountain” and “Philadelphia” to the big screen. Ms. Snider also speculates on the future of the film industry and reveals what she looks for in deciding to “greenlight” new productions.

Get the inside scoop on the silver screen with “Threading Film’s Next Reel with Stacey Snider — The Atlantic Meets the Pacific,” online now.


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