Sleep, Stress & Obesity: A Weighty Issue

Obesity is our nation’s greatest epidemic and public health challenge and the folks at the UCSF Center for Obesity, Assessment, Study and Treatment (COAST) have found an interesting new angle in which to approach it — through sleep.

In one of the first scientific conferences to focus on the interactions between sleep, stress and obesity, COAST gathered together leading researchers from across the country to examine the problem from a variety of interesting angles, including how sleep and stress impact our metabolism and brain function, why adequate sleep and stress reduction may be the 21st century pillars of health, and more. And now you can join in on this groundbreaking exchange of information.

Watch “Sleep, Stress & Obesity: A Weighty Issue” on UCTV.

Here are the first two programs in the five-part series, with more coming online each week. And check out the COAST series page for more obesity-related video.

Sleep and Weight Gain

Sleep Epidemiology


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  1. Every activity in our body…..even fat utilisation is enhanced by sleep. No wonder it is considered nature’s best performance enhancer.

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