Aging and Driving: A Complex Combination

To many senior citizens, driving means much more than having a set of keys. Losing the ability to drive can often impact one’s sense of mobility, freedom and independence.

What are the effects of aging on our ability to drive and how do you know when it’s time to no longer be behind the wheel?

Linda Hill, clinical professor and UC San Diego in the School of Medicine, discusses coping strategies for aging drivers and shares options for those in driving retirement in “Aging and Driving: A Complex Combination,” the latest talk in the Stein Institute for Research on Aging series, online now.


One thought on “Aging and Driving: A Complex Combination

  1. It is the aging bus drivers in Dumboldt County that concern me.

    They want to be cool with the young punks who have no dads or moms.
    They allow young drunkards and marijuan smokers on RTS. And these haress me an aging woman. Though HSU has classes for people over 50……there bus drive is so traumatic…..these the cool hippies who are permissive of all behavior in Arcata are the most incorrigible

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