Body Image: Don’t Let “Ideal” Get in the Way of Real Health

Skinny ModelPick up any fashion magazine or flip through the channels on your TV and you’ll see it — image after image of ultra-thin models and actresses presented as the “ideal” of feminine beauty. It’s no wonder that American girls and young women are so often dissatisfied with their bodies.

What can we do to encourage the girls in our lives towards a healthy and attainable body image?

In “Body Image: Don’t Let ‘Ideal’ Get in the Way of Real Health,” one of seven new programs in the UCSF Mini Medical School series “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: A Woman’s Guide to Wellness in Today’s Challenging World,” Andrea Garber, UCSF Division of Adolescent Medicine, explores what it means to have a healthy body image and how to help girls attain it.

Watch it online now and check out the other insightful programs in this series, such as The Female Brain: Balancing Social Expectations with Your Own Health” and Women and Sleep: From Stressful to Restful.”