The Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013 Wrap Up

25903 With the year drawing to a close, The Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013 must also come to a wrap. Our final installment features three stimulating conversations between journalists and experts who are on the leading edge of innovation in health and technology. We conclude with a look at a humanistic approach to studying brains. Neuroanatomist and director of the Brain Observatory at UC San Diego, Dr. Jacopo Annese strives to better understand the structure of the
25871human brain and its effect on an individual’s personality, memories, and health, by getting to know donors while they are still living. Dr. Annese expressed his vast interest in the blueprints of the brain and his goal to be able to see why individuals are who they are.

Following the talk on brain structure, is a conversation on the innovations of wireless health and wearable trends. “What’s Next in Medical IT: Wireless Health and Wearable Trends” brings together bioengineering experts Todd Coleman, Ian Shakil, Mick Ebeling and 25778Halle Tecco to present various medical devices and discuss the future of medical information technology. In a less technologically oriented panel, best-selling author and founder of The Chopra Foundation, Deepak Chopra joins The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons to identify the elements that make a good life. “Mind, Body, Spirit: Wellbeing, Longevity and Health with Deepak Chopra” explores Dr. Chopra’s new book, “Super Brain,” and the ideas it embodies.

For more panels, head to the full list of programs in The Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013 series page.

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