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The Tipping Point for Global Temperatures

Just how dangerous is global warming?

We have heard the links made between climate change and extreme weather events like super-storm Sandy, but at what point will we definitively see the dangers of global warming?

David Lea of UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Earth Science explores that question in “Can Global Warming Be Held to 2 Degrees Celsius above Pre-Industrial?

He proposes what can be done to freeze the the rising temperatures of the earth to only slightly warmer than pre-industrial temperatures.

Watch as Lea discusses the societal impacts of certain temperature thresholds in different climate systems that we have yet to cross. Can this be prevented? Find out in this video from the Institute for Energy Efficiency:

For more videos on climate change, check out “The Scientific Case for Urgent Action to Limit Climate Change” and “Interactive Visioning-Figuring Sea Level Rise




“Disaster Preparedness” Reaps Reward for UCSF Fresno Doctor

UCSF Fresno's Dr. John Blossom (left) receives his Aurora Award from UCTV Director Lynn Burnstan at a June 2 meeting in Oakland.

As Director of the California Area Health Education Center (AHEC), UCSF Fresno‘s Dr. John Blossom knows the value of reaching large audiences with essential information. So when the opportunity arose to partner with UCTV on a video series offering expert disaster preparedness information to health care providers and the general public, he lept at the chance, investing his time, expertise and newly tapped on-screen talent as host of the four-part series “Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals.”

The series premiered on UCTV in October 2009 and, with UCTV’s large footprint reaching 23 million households nationwide on satellite and cable, as well as millions more through its website, YouTube and iTunes channels, audiences in every corner of the state, the country and the world had ready access to vital emergency response information covering natural disasters, chemical and biological agents, pandemic influenza and emerging infections, and managing disaster volunteers. With almost 800,000 combined online views to date, the information has clearly been well received.

But last week it was Dr. Blossom who was on the receiving end of some welcome attention when he took possession of his Gold Aurora Award in the General Instruction category for the “Disaster Volunteerism” installment.  The Aurora Awards is a prestigious international competition designed to recognize excellence in the film and video industries, specifically targeting products, programs and commercials that would not normally have the opportunity to compete on a national level.

While physicians of Dr. Blossom’s stature are no stranger to recognition, a golden statuette for producing and hosting a television program certainly falls outside the norm. Then again, Dr. Blossom is in a class by himself.

Congratulations Dr. Blossom!


A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

We had quite shake last weekend here in San Diego and, with more earthquakes in Northern California and Indonesia, a lot of us are feeling pretty shaky ourselves.

Knowledge is not only power, it’s pretty darn reassuring too. And we have plenty of earthquake-related programs to help you understand what’s behind the quakes, how engineers are making our buildings safer, and what you can do to be better prepared.

I don’t know about you, but Sunday’s earthquake made me realize how unprepared I actually am. So I’ll be tuning in the last week in April when UCTV debuts a new program, Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country with UCSF Professor Matthew Springer. In the meantime, read this interview with Dr. Springer and check out his earthquake preparedness website too.

Be safe everyone!