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The Best Seat in the House

If you’re a chamber music fan and you find Wigmore, Alice Tully and Carnegie halls not nearly exclusive enough, consider UCLA’s Clark Library, where high culture doesn’t have to mean a high price tag.

Since 1994, the beloved rare-book library in Los Angeles’ West Adams district has featured the same talent as the best-known music halls in the world, in the kind of intimate setting for which chamber music was conceived.

In the latest episode of UCTV Prime Cuts, we visit this sumptuous, acoustically superlative 100-seat drawing room, first conceived by L.A. Philharmonic founder William Andrews Clark Jr., for an inside look at the Chamber Music at the Clark concert series, one of L.A.’s best kept secrets.

The Best Seat in the House: UCLA’s Chamber Music at the Clark Library – UCTV Prime Cuts


Leaping Lizards!

What can a robot learn from a lizard? According to UC Berkeley biologists and engineers, quite a bit.

The latest episode of UCTV Prime Cuts shows how these scientists are studying the way lizards use their tails to keep them stable as they make some pretty astounding leaps (caught on video, of course).

Why, you ask? They’re looking for clues on how to improve the mobility of the robots they’re designing for use in search, rescue and disaster situations.

Trust us, you’ll want to see these reptilian athletes in action. Watch Leaping Lizards – UCTV Prime Cuts.



Philip Glass and Company Introduce Cello Concerto

It’s not everyday that a famous composer comes to town to premiere a new work. That day came for San Diego in 2007 when composer Philip Glass made his way to the beautiful beach community of La Jolla for the American debut of his piece, Cello Concerto, with the renowned La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, an ensemble affiliated with UC San Diego.

Also classing up the place was cellist Wendy Sutter and conductor Steven Schick, all of whom are featured in this short video introduction, new on UCTV Prime Cuts. Once you’ve got your primer, it’s time to watch the performance itself.

Chances are you’ll be hungry for more, so consider perusing our complete collection of diverse La Jolla Symphony and Chorus performances and behind the curtain interviews that we’ve made available over the years. Enjoy!


Splish Splash, Music’s Taking a Bath

Though perhaps best known for his film scores, including “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Tan Dun is a prolific and versatile composer whose work fuses conventional instruments, natural sounds, electronics and Asian and Western idioms into a dynamic, cohesive whole.

In this interview, recorded during La Jolla Music Society’s 2012 SummerFest season, Tan Dun discusses the artistic strategies employed in his theatrical oratorio “Water Passion,” inspired by Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion.”

You’ll be able to see more from this and other SummerFest performances when they premiere in October on UCTV. For now, get primed with this special “UCTV Prime Cuts” clip from the show.

Or how about catching up with some of Tan Dun’s previous SummerFest appearances?

Tan Dun’s Elegy: Snow in June — La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest 2006

Tan Dun’s “Ghost Opera” – La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest 2003


Hot Stuff, Cool Science

UC Merced researchers discovered that hollow cylindrical luminescent solar concentrators, bottom, are more efficient than traditional flat panel concentrators.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting into a piping hot car that’s been sitting in the sun for hours. Would it help to know that at least some of that heat was generating energy for you?

That’s what the UC Merced researchers in the latest episode of UCTV Prime Cuts are working on and it’s a pretty cool way to make the sun’s energy work for you.

As you’ll see in the video, the research team has redesigned luminescent solar concentrators to be more efficient at sending sunlight to solar cells, allowing for much less cost-prohibitive solar panels to be used in new places — like the windows of your car while it bakes in the sun.

Check it out… yay science!

Solar Concentrators – UCTV Prime Cuts