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One Last Look Back

Well, here we are at the tail end of our yearlong 10th anniversary celebration and we hope you’ve had as much fun exploring our archives as we have. In case you missed it, here’s what we covered each month:

January – Nobel Prize Winners
February – Black History Month
March – Regarding Religion
April – National Poetry Month
May – Exploring Astronomy
June – Journalism in Flux
July – Innovators and Entrepreneurs
August – All Things Green
September – Education: K – You
October – Women’s Health
November – Indulge in the Arts

…..and in December, Best of the Decade, featuring the most popular programs of UCTV’s first ten years.

Would you have predicted that a 70-minute performance of “Carmina Burana” would be our most popular program of all time with over 3.5 million downloads? What about Dr. Robert Lustig’s takedown of high fructose corn syrup, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” which tops our health programs at 1.1 million downloads? Then there’s the UCLA “Darwin Evolving” series about evolution that captured our top science spot, and Cisco’s John Morgridge sharing his insights on “Ethics and Leadership” in our business category.

Not all that surprising was Elizabeth Warren’s 2007 talk, The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class: Higher Risks, Lower Rewards, and a Shrinking Safety Net, which took the top public affairs slot — and seems to grow more relevant with every passing month.

And last, but certainly not least, is the always enjoyable Douglas Adams’ talk “Parrots, the Universe and Everything,” recorded shortly before his death in 2001, in which the author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” shares hilarious accounts of some of the apparently absurd lifestyles of the world’s creatures, and gleans from them extraordinary perceptions about the future of humanity. With almost half a million views, the 90-minute program tops our humanities category.

There are plenty more popular programs to discover at our Best of the Decade page, so hop on over and see what else might surprise you.

Thanks to all of our viewers, who find our programming on their TVs, computers or mobile media devices, for being a part of our momentous celebration. We promise that our next decade, starting in January, will be even brighter!

Happy Holidays to all!