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Ensuring Transfer Success 2013 – California DREAMin’

AB 540 is a California state law passed in 2001 that allows qualified undocumented students to pay in-state tuition instead of out-of-state tuition at California’s public higher education institutions. The California DREAM act passed in 2011 allows these applicants to apply for state funded and non state funded financial aid. Though these laws ease the financial burden on students, ensuring access to these benefits is not always a straightforward process.

Transfer professionals are here to help. Listen in as they share insights into how to apply and qualify these programs and more. Watch “Ensuring Transfer Success 2013 – California DREAMin’” or check out assist.org for more online student-transfer information.

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Need Help on Your UC Application?

If there’s a California high school senior in your house, you’re probably well aware that the deadline for applying to the University of California is November 30. Is anyone panicking yet?

Put everyone at ease with this helpful video that offers a detailed look at how to present yourself on UC’s freshman application. From filling out the online application to the personal statement, this comprehensive presentation follows the entire process.

Watch “Presenting Yourself on the UC Freshman Application and Personal Statement” and make sure to check out all the other videos in the “Applying to UC” series, presented by UC Counselor Conference.