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Global Food Systems with Mary Robinson

Over one billion people today are undernourished. That means roughly one in seven people across the globe eat roughly one meal a day, if that.

Children in developing countries live with chronic hunger that stunts growth and weakens immune systems, while more and more people in wealthy countries grow obese. But there are starving children in wealthy countries too – families living on food stamps, making it impossible to ignore the inequality between the wealthy and the poor. As food becomes scarce, families are forced to eat cheaper, less nutritious meals, which can have devastating long-term affects on entire populations.

Within the past few years, we have witnessed food shortages like the global food crisis of 2008 and the East Africa food crisis of 2011. In Haiti in 2008, food prices rose to 50-100% of their normal price, which led to unrest, violence, and the ousting of the Prime Minister. Although some things like drought or infestations of vermin can be blamed for food shortages, many of the causes are man-made and avoidable.

Mary Robinson, formerly the first female President of Ireland and now the President of the Mary Robinson Foundation, speaks at the University of California Global Food Systems Forum to discuss these issues with experts and fellow human rights activists.

Robinson warns that climate change will only make matters worse. Rising sea levels will swallow up potential farm lands while increasing temperatures will turn farm lands to deserts. Watch “Mary Robinson – Global Food Systems” to learn more about the challenges ahead.

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Climate Justice: A Humanitarian Approach to Environmental Equality

We have all heard about climate change, but did you know that there is a fight for justice within this claim?

Climate justice is more than just a demand for the stop of wrongful damage to the environment. It goes deeper into the tangible effects of climate change and the way they are unequally effecting the world’s population.

According to the Center on Global Justice at UC San Diego, “Climate Justice links human rights and development to achieve a human-centered approach, safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable and sharing the burdens and benefits of climate change and its resolution equitably and fairly. Climate justice is informed by science, responds to science, and acknowledges the need for equitable stewardship of the world’s resources.”

Mary Robinson was the first woman president of Ireland and has served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. She has been a long standing icon for social justice and has recently devoted her attention to campaigning for climate justice.

In “Pursuing Climate Justice with Mary Robinson and V. Ramanathan,” presented by UC San Diego’s Center on Global Justice, hear Robinson discuss climate justice with V. Ramanathan, distinguished professor of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

If you like this video, check out V. Ramanathan’s series “Lifting the Blanket:The Pursuit of a Climate Change Solutions.”


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War, Democracy, Life and Death in Iraq

It’s been ten years since the U.S. and its allies invaded Iraq. How has the war shaped the country? Where is it headed? In two new programs, experts on the Middle East offer up their insights.

The Iraq War Since 2003: Ten Years of Consequences

Iraq’s Journey from Dictatorship to Democracy with Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador, Hamid Al-Bayati

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The Multi-dimensional Mind

Learn from leading experts in neurology, neuropsychology, neuroscience and geriatrics about how your brain works and how it changes with age. Presented by UCSF Osher Mini Medical School.

The Multi-dimensional Mind

The Pursuit of Climate Justice

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the former President of Ireland Mary Robinson shares her vision of climate justice, linking human rights to science in order to protect vulnerable populations and foster equitable stewardship of the world’s resources.

Pursuing Climate Justice with Mary Robinson

Is Beer in Your Career?

What are the career opportunities in the burgeoning craft brewing industry? In this new presentation from The Career Channel, job seekers will learn the answers from a panel of experts, including Stone Brewing founder Greg Koch, who converse about why San Diego has become such a nationally renowned region for craft beer production, and where the professional brewing industry is headed.

Is Beer In Your Career?

Premieres May 20 on The Career Channel



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