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Understand Your “Stuff”

Stuff: A Cluttered LifeWhy do Americans have so much stuff?  And how much is too much? At what point do the toys and objects that fill middle-class homes become overwhelming to the people who live in them?

UCTV Prime’s new series “A Cluttered Life: Middle-Class Abundance,” premiering today, tackles these questions in a most unusual way — through an anthropological lens. The 3-part mini documentary is based on the work of three UCLA social scientists who ventured inside the homes of 32 families to document and study their “stuff” and gain an understanding of how and why American families have so much of it.

We hear from the researchers, visit some of the cluttered homes and chat with one of the research subjects, who’s refreshingly honest about her family’s busy, somewhat messy lifestyle. The result is a stunning visual ethnography that reveals the material culture of dual-income, child-centered households.

Watch “Stuff — A Cluttered Life: Middle-Class Abundance (Ep. 1),” and make sure to subscribe to UCTV Prime’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss Episodes 2 and 3, premiering January 18 and 25.




Swimming in Stuff

Americans sure do love their stuff. And you’re probably swimming in even more of it after the gift-giving holiday season, making for an overstuffed start for the New Year.

But what does all of that clutter say about us?

The new series “A Cluttered Life: Middle-Class Abundance,” premiering January 11 on UCTV Prime, attempts to answer that question by following a team of UCLA anthropologists into the stuffed-to-capacity homes of dual income, middle-class American families in order to truly understand the food, toys, and clutter that fill them.

This fascinating three-part series offers up a whole new way to understand ourselves. Don’t miss it, Fridays on UCTV Prime through January 25. Watch the trailer now and visit the series website to learn more about the book that came out of this unusual research,  “Life at Home in the 21st Century: 32 Families Open Their Doors.”


Fresh Content for a Fresh Year – January 2013 Highlights


Americans sure do like their stuff. The problem is, it piles up, leaving families surrounded by overstuffed cabinets and plenty of clutter.The new UCTV Prime series “A Cluttered Life: Middle Class Abundance” follows a team of UCLA anthropologists as they venture into the stuffed-to-capacity homes of dual income, middle class American families in order to truly understand the food, toys, and clutter that fill them. The three-part series premieres January 11 but you can watch the trailer now.


The latter half of 2012 brought some unusual sights and sounds to UCLA’s Hammer Museum. That’s when the 24-member, experimental classical/contemporary orchestra wild Up took part in a six-month residency made up of three major concerts and 30 smaller chamber music performances that defied convention and transformed the museum into a space as unexpected and moving as the music itself. Museum Meets Orchestra, a four-part series premiering January 8 on UCTV Prime, takes you behind-the-scenes of this unusual residency.

Want to get a taste? Check out the sneak previews, online now.


We finish off “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific” series this month with even more fascinating conversations with cutting-edge thinkers and researchers. Topics range from the future of wireless medicine to learning to play the guitar later in life. Watch them all — and videos from the 2011 event — at the series website.

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