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A Dose of Optimism from Gavin Newsom

Today he’s California’s Lt. Governor, but Gavin Newsom has the energy and enthusiasm of someone with far higher ambitions.

Newsom recently shared some of his fresh ideas — and a dose of optimism — during his recent visit to UC San Diego’s Revelle Forum, where he sat down for an interview with Political Science Professor Thad Kousser to discuss his new book, Citizenville: Reconnecting People and Government in the Digital Age.

During the lively interview, now available to UCTV viewers online and on-air, Newsom cites examples of individuals around the country who are bridging the vast chasm between government and the technologies that are already revolutionizing other parts of our daily lives. He contends that the best way for Americans to secure their future is to reinvent their relationship with their government, as they have countless times before, and have the power to do so again.

Watch “Citizenville” with Gavin Newsom — Revelle Forum and browse through the Revelle Forum video archive for more stimulating conversations with guests such as TC Boyle, Salman Rushdie, Frank Bruni and more.


Author T.C. Boyle Presents ‘San Miguel’

Acclaimed author T.C. Boyle’s forthcoming work, San Miguel, is the latest entry in what The New York Times called Boyle’s “own fascinating, unpredictable, alternately hilarious and terrifying fictional history of utopian longing in America.” The novel is a soaring historical narrative about two families—one in the 1880s and one in the 1930s—starting new lives on a windswept, near-desolate island off of the Santa Barbara coast.

In the latest installment of UC San Diego Extension’s Revelle Forum, Boyle presents excerpts from his new novel, followed by a reading of his gripping short story, The Lie.

Watch “Revelle Forum: T.C. Boyle,” online now.


Salman Rushdie: A Life in Hiding

What’s it like to wake up and discover there’s a target on your back? That’s what happened to author Salman Rushdie when he was condemned by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini after the release of his 1988 book “The Satanic Verses.”

Rushdie recently visited UC San Diego to share details from his subsequent life in hiding, the subject of his new autiobiography “Joseph Anton: A Memoir.” During his fascinating conversation with Seth Lerer, dean of Arts and Humanities at UC San Diego, Rushdie also addresses the infamous anti-Islamic video that sparked riots across the Middle East.

Watch Salman Rushdie – Revelle Forum.