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Study Abroad Students Enroll in a Life-Changing Adventure

For the hundreds of thousands of college students mulling over the decision to study abroad next year, the clock is ticking. The deadlines for applications at most universities, including UC, are in January and February. UCTV Prime’s new series “Going Places: UC Education Abroad,” premiering December 3, just might inspire some of them to say YES to adventure.

From witnessing history at the Berlin Wall to saving lives in a remote West African community, “Going Places” shares the life-changing stories of participants in the University of California’s pioneering education abroad program. Launched in 1962, just as commercial jet travel was dawning, UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) is now one of the largest and most diverse undergraduate exchange programs in the country. As the program marks 50 years of educating and inspiring global citizens, this series explores how UC study abroad students are influencing the world – and how the world is influencing them.

Check out the trailer for the series and stay tuned the first three Tuesdays in December for new episodes!


Literature’s Next Generation

Want a peek into the future of the lit world? Check out these programs featuring UC Berkeley’s top student poetry and prose prizewinners from 2012. There is hope for the future.

Lunch Poems: Student Reading 2012
One of the year’s most lively events, the student reading includes winners of the following prizes: Academy of American Poets, Cook, Rosenberg, and Yang, as well as students nominated by Berkeley’s creative writing faculty, Lunch Poems volunteers, and representatives from student publications.

Story Hour in the Library: Student Reading 2012
This annual student reading featuring short excerpts of work by winners of the year’s biggest prose prizes, Story Hour in the Library interns, and faculty nominees.