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Incumbent v. Challenger – Two Very Different Animals

UC San Diego political scientist Sam Popkin knows what it’s like to face the wrath of the President of the United States. While working on Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign, it was Popkin who stepped into Ronald Reagan’s shoes at the podium during Carter’s debate prep sessions and, after 11 minutes of giving the president a hard-to-swallow dose of what Reagan was expected to deliver in the real debate, both Carter and his wife seemed ready to pounce.

In total, Popkin has served on five Democratic presidential campaigns. He’s also conducted extensive research on every campaign going back to World War II for his book “The Candidate: What it Takes to Win — and Hold — the White House.” As a result, he’s got plenty of insight, frank assessments and strong opinions about the saga that is Obama v. Romney, which he shares this week on “UCTV Prime Vote.”

No matter what you thought of the candidates’ first debate this week, you’ll eat up the juicy details Popkin shares from his own experiences in “The Candidate: Debate Prep.” Then on “The Candidate: The Incumbent,” Popkin focuses on Obama’s advantages and weaknesses as the incumbent, an “entirely different animal” than Romney’s role as challenger. Popkin weighs in on that in “The Candidate: The Challenger.”

Once you hear Popkin’s perspective, which he’s also been sharing with The Atlantic’s James Fallows, you’ll look at the presidential race in a whole new light. Don’t miss it!

The Candidate: Debate Prep with Sam Popkin

The Candidate: The Incumbent with Sam Popkin

The Candidate: The Challenger with Sam Popkin


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Heartache & Hope: America’s Alzheimer’s Epidemic

This week, our YouTube original channel UCTV Prime premieres the third and final installment of its moving and important series about the emotional toll Alzheimer’s and dementia take on patients and caregivers. There series also highlights the promising clinical trials and research coming out of UCLA, indicating that effective treatments — and maybe even a cure — are on the horizon.

Watch UCLA’s Heartache & Hope: America’s Alzheimer’s Epidemic, only on UCTV Prime.

Your Vote, Your Voice

With election season in full swing, heated partisan rhetoric seems to be dominating the media. Not at UCTV Prime, where our “Vote” series brings forth the calm, rational voices of facultyand experts who’ve spent their careers studying and interpreting public policy on issues of importance in the upcoming election. Here’s just some of what’s new this month at our Election 2012 headquarters:

The Candidate: Debate Prep with Sam Popkin — UCTV Prime Vote

Predicting Election 2012: The Atlantic Meets the Pacific

E.J. Dionne, Jr. – Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent

Contraception at the Tea Party: The Politics of Women’s Health with Linda Gordon

… and more!

New Approaches to Keeping Kids Healthy

Are children today sicker or healthier than we were? Increasingly, things that were thought to be a normal part of childhood are being recognized and treated as chronic medical conditions. Where do we draw the line between these “normal things that kids get” and “medical conditions”? In the face of a seemingly rapid increase in the number of children with acute and chronic illnesses, this new series from UCSF Osher Mini Medical School explores what we know and what remains a mystery (or a simple myth).

New Approaches to Keeping Kids Healthy



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Health & Medicine

Colon Cancer Screening – Health Matters

Elder Abuse: The Crime of the Twenty-First Century? – Research on Aging

Building a Sustainable Good Life through Technology and Yoga

The Patients Are Waiting: How Can We Do Better?

Is Fast Food Addictive?

Dealing with a Diabetes Diagnosis – Don’t Freak Out – Taking Control of Your Diabetes

Food Allergies: Past, Present and Future

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Exploring the Universe from the South Pole

Local Legends: The Leopard Sharks of La Jolla Shores – Perspectives on Ocean Science

Building the ‘Knowosphere’: How New Ways to Share and Shape Ideas Can Help Build Durable Progress on a Finite Planet

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Public Affairs

The Tea Party with Theda Skocpol (Conversations with History)

Prospects for Deficit Reduction and Pension Reform in the Golden State

Women in Political Leadership Former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin

2nd Annual State of the Environment Address: Progress and Opportunities with Matthew Rodriquez

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Salman Rushdie — Revelle Forum

Holocaust and Genocide

A Force for Good and for God: Judaism in the 21st Century

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Arts & Music

La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest 2012

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Ensuring Transfer Success 2012 – Navigating the Engineering Pipeline

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Crowdfunding for Academic Research

The 2012 New Venture Competition

Opportunities and Perspectives in Technology, Business and Society

Neurons and Networks

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New Online Videos and Podcasts

What Now? Health Reform in the Aftermath of the Supreme Court Decision

The ABC and Ds of Vitamin Supplements and Health

Where Does Your Water Come From? – Earth 101

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It’s A Great Time To Be Sam Popkin

by Shannon Bradley

UC San Diego political scientist Sam Popkin has a wonderful new book out called “The Candidate: What It Takes To Win — and Hold – The White House” and for political junkies like me, it’s pure heaven. So many great stories about the inner workings of campaigns that, when viewed together, show patterns among successful and failed candidates.

The book’s getting all sorts of attention, my favorite review is here in the Washington Post, and he continues his online chats with James Fallows at theatlantic.com, in what Fallows teasingly calls, “Ask Dr. Popkin.”

I had the pleasure of talking with Sam about his book and the presidential election in the downtime between the conventions and the debates. Our conversation lasted more than an hour but we’ll present his commentary in short, web-friendly chunks on our YouTube channel, UCTV Prime.

We’re starting today with The Candidate: Debate Prep, given that Obama and Romney are well into that right now, with Sam’s insight into how it feels to stand face to face with the president, and repeat what’s being said about him on the campaign trail. As Jim Lehrer would say, “Tension City!

Next up, Popkin evaluates how Romney is doing as The Challenger and Obama as The Incumbent. We’ll get to Sam’s thoughts on The Successor when we have time. It may not be relevant in this election, but if Obama prevails in November, it could become so in 2016.


UCTV Prime Vote: As Latinos Go, So Goes the Nation


UC Berkeley's Lisa Garcia Bedolla about to tape her UCTV Prime Vote commentary on the Latino vote.

We’ve got pundits, too!  Next up on UCTV Prime Vote is UC Berkeley’s Lisa Garcia Bedolla with As Latinos Go, So Goes the Nation, in which she argues that Republicans will never become a majority party without support from Latinos.

Professor Bedolla joins faculty from throughout the UC system who present their views on issues relevant to the next election.

Got five minutes to watch some thoughtful, research-based commentary without all the partisan shouting?  Check out the UCTV Prime Vote website. Then let us know what you think with a comment on the website, YouTube channel or Facebook page.


Affordable Care Act: SCOTUS Rules, Cal Responds

We’ve heard what the Supreme Court had to say about their 5-4 decision to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.”  And if you’ve been paying even the slightest amount of attention, you’ve heard what the partisan pundits think on the various cable news talk shows. But how do scholars in public policy, economics and public health evaluate this hefty decision?

UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy wanted to find out — and share the experience with UCTV viewers–so they gathered together a panel of experts to analyze the impacts of the Supreme Court’s decision and what it means for future health reform, constitutional law, medical care, health insurance, public policy and politics.  It’s a thorough, reasoned assessment — and one you surely won’t find on cable.

Watch “SCOTUS Rules, Cal Responds:  UC Berkeley Experts Assess Decision on the Affordable Care Act” in its entirety, or stay tuned next week when we post shorter highlights from the event as part of our “UCTV Prime: Vote” series.