Look Around – Art is Everywhere!

The diverse cultural landscape that is the San Diego region – located on the U.S.-Mexico border and the Pacific Rim – offers residents and visitors alike a rich tapestry of language, history, food, and tradition unlike any place in the world. This richness is also apparent in a diverse art scene that spans large cultural institutions to pop up street art and everything in between.

How a community fosters the arts speaks volumes about priorities and attitudes. Who pays for the arts? Which artists get the attention of the media? And how does the public, with so much information coming at them all the time, know where to go to experience the cultural arts in their communities?

Art is what matters. Art connects people, communities, and educators.

Leah Goodwin, California Arts Council member

Writer’s Symposium By The Sea host Dean Nelson talks with three San Diego cultural artists – Leah Goodwin, Susanna Peredo Swap, and Adrian Arancibia – about where to find the art that’s happening around San Diego, the challenges local artists face, and how to be more collaborative and inclusive.

Watch Finding Art in San Diego.

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