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  • Can 70 Really Be the New 50?

    We may be living longer, but are we living healthier? As we age, proper nutrition and exercise can help us live more fulfilling lives and enjoy our extended post-retirement years. Indeed, exercise is medicine. Cindy Chang, MD, a sports medicine physician, shares her training and expertise to provide physical activity goals and guidelines for adults. […]

  • COVID-19 and Autism – Finding a Path Forward for Families

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in every aspect of our lives. For individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who often have increased behavioral symptoms with changes in routine, the pandemic has been deeply disruptive to their lives in ways that go beyond access to care. In a compelling video from the recent Autism […]

  • Finding the Inspiration Behind “Tattooed Trucks of Nepal”

    Throughout Nepal, large freight trucks painted by artists provide visual entertainment for travelers along the highways and dangerous mountain roads of the Himalayas. These trucks captivated UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance lecturer emeritus Ron Ranson, who taught theatre design and painting for the stage. Ranson turned his fascination with this colorful art […]

  • On the Elephant in the Room

    Despite its frequent appearance in our everyday speech, indirectness is not something many people pause to consider. Why do people “beat around the bush”? “Downsize” instead of “terminate?” “Pass away” instead of “die?” What prompts people to say one thing, when both parties in the conversation know that there is another meaning? Harvard College Professor […]

  • May Enews and Highlights

    Sign up to receive UCTV News and Highlights by e-mail: FEATURED THIS MONTH Violence Has Declined Violence has been in decline for long stretches of time, and we may be living in the most peaceful era in our species existence. Steven Pinker explains the trends by showing how changing historical circumstances have engaged different components […]

  • April Enews and Highlights

    Sign up to receive UCTV News and Highlights by e-mail: FEATURED THIS MONTH Leo Szilard: The Man Behind the Bomb William Lanouette, author of “Genius in the Shadows: A Biography of Leo Szilard, ” explains how Szilard’s fear of German dominance of nuclear research inspired the Manhattan Project, which led to the creation of the […]

  • Millie Dresselhaus on Energy Sustainability

    UCTV’s Women in Science kicks off the month of April by celebrating an influential woman in the scientific field, MIT Professor Mildred Dresselhaus. A pioneer in Nanoscience, Dresselhaus is one of the first scientists to open the door to using carbon based materials on a nanoscale. Some of her notable contributions paved the way for […]

  • March Enews & Highlights

    Sign up to receive UCTV News and Highlights by e-mail: FEATURED THIS MONTH Josh Jacobs Join Josh Jacobs as he discusses his entrepreneurial journey. Josh began his career as a software engineer, leading development teams. As Global CEO of Accuen Media, Josh is responsible for planning and executing the strategy for Omnicom’s programmatic media buying […]

  • The Brick People

    Bill Deverell, Director, Huntington USC Institute discusses the history of Simon’s Brick Yard #3, “It’s seen by many people as ironic that there is virtually nothing left there today, but in fact that’s fairly typical of Los Angeles having a sense of amnesia quality to its past, and an ineffable ability to cover up what once was, but […]

  • February ENews and Highlights

    Sign up to receive UCTV News and Highlights by e-mail: FEATURED THIS MONTH The Brick People The Brick People chronicles the story and legacy of Mexican immigrants who worked at Simons Brickyard #3 in Los Angeles during the early part of the 20th century. Watch Now >(New episodes premiere throughout the month.) Risky Business In […]