Category: Applying to College

  • A Growing Legacy in STEM: The Gonzales Family

    After dropping out of high school, David Gonzales was unsure of what the future held but he knew he wanted more for his young family. He found a passion for science and, after years of dedicated study, became a professor at UC San Diego. His story is one of how generations rise – how a […]

  • UCTV’s Education Channel Offers Expertise, Inspiration for a Lifetime of Learning

    Whether you’re a preteen exploring robotics, a high schooler filling out college applications, a parent struggling with distance learning or a teacher looking for videos to engage your students, UCTV’s Education Channel has something for you. In fact, the new channel offers high-quality resources for learners of all ages. “The Education Channel as it stands […]

  • Engaging K-16 Students in Lifelong Learning

    “Why does lifelong learning have to start at 25 when we can instill this at an earlier age?” asks Edward Abeyta, Associate Dean, Community Engagement and Pre-College Programs at UC San Diego Extension. Being engaged in learning no matter the educational or career path you choose is vital to obtaining the skills and mindset you […]