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  • Writing that Inspires

    What obsessions do you have? What kind of stories do you recount around your dinner table? What books are currently sitting on your bedside table? In this far-reaching and insightful interview with best-selling authors Nick Hornby and Susan Orlean, we hear the stories that inspire these great writers to put pen to paper. “Writing that […]

  • Jake Blount: Exploring the Power of Music, Afrofuturism, and Social Change

    In a recent presentation that beautifully blended art, history, and activism, musician and scholar Jake Blount unveiled music’s profound capacity to envision a brighter future. With narrative and insight, Blount shared his creative process, underscoring the interplay between tradition and innovation, the transformative power of Afrofuturism, and the art of reimagining music for contemporary issues. […]

  • Saving the Soul of America from White Christian Nationalism

    The social and political divide in America is starkly apparent as we head into another heated presidential race. For theologian and social activist Father Bryan Massingale, his research on race, sexuality, and society could not be timelier as the country grapples with increasing acts of violence against minority groups. Father Massingale, a Black, openly gay […]

  • What Would We Lose in a World Without Books?

    The young, independent author and filmmaker Mason Engel is probably best known for his science fiction novel “2084.” But it might be his latest project – the ambitious documentary “Books Across America” – that will surely get him noticed for his love of literature as he travels to all 50 states, reading 50 books and […]

  • Journaling for Wellbeing

    In a captivating episode of Creative Conversations, Morgan Appel engages in a profound discussion with Irene Ekdahl diving deep into the transformative world of journaling. Explore the enlightening insights they shared and discover how journaling can be your secret weapon for self-expression, stress management, and unlocking the doors to your creativity. Join us on this […]

  • Dance Music: The Multicultural Story Cumbia

    At UC Santa Barbara’s Carsey-Wolf Center, filmmakers Joyce García and Alvaro Parra joined moderator and DJ, Alexandra Lippman, to talk about their two documentaries on cumbia sonidera, or Colombia-inspired dance music, in Mexico City and Los Angeles, “Yo No Soy Guapo” and “Sonidero Metropolis.” García and Parra have explored the world of Sonidero extensively in […]

  • UCLA Historian Shines Light on the Mexican Rebels Who Shaped U.S. History

    If you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t heard of the magonistas and their role in sparking the 1910 Mexican Revolution. But for UCLA history professor Kelly Lytle Hernández, the magonistas changed the course of history and are integral to modern American life. The insurgency, led by Ricardo Flores Magón, was made up of a […]

  • Unraveling the Origins of Folkloric Narratives

    In this episode from CARTA’s new series, The Role of Myth in Anthropogeny, scientist Brandon Parker explores the complexities of folkloric narratives and their origins. By dissecting their components and tracing their evolution, Parker illuminates how these narratives have been instrumental in shaping human cognition and society. Folkloric narratives, Parker explains, are not simple stories […]

  • Profits and Persecution: Unveiling the Dark Nexus between German Big Business, the Nazi Economy, and the Holocaust

    The haunting displays of shoes, suitcases, and eyeglasses in the Auschwitz Museum serve as a chilling reminder of the Nazis’ insatiable appetite for material gain. These tangible remnants of the Jews who perished in Auschwitz bear witness to the alliance forged between German corporations and the Nazi regime. In this enlightening talk, renowned author and […]

  • When Billie Jean and Condoleezza and Chelsea met Sally

    Each year Sally Ride Science at UC San Diego hosts a Women in Leadership conversation, bringing together female leaders from widely varied fields to share their personal stories and their insights on the progress of women. Tam O’Shaughnessy, Ride’s life partner and cofounder of Sally Ride Science, conceived of the event in 2018 to celebrate […]

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