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  • Empowering Voices: Insights from Women in Leadership 2024

    Celebrating and honoring the legacy of Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, Women in Leadership brings together trailblazers who have shattered barriers and paved the way for women worldwide. This year’s panel featured Ina Garten, cookbook author, television host, and former White House budget analyst; Michelle K. Hanabusa, founder and creative […]

  • E.J. Dionne Reflects on America Today

    In early May, journalist E.J. Dionne delivered the Burke Lectureship at UC San Diego, marking his ninth appearance on UCTV. Known for his political columns in the Washington Post, Dionne addressed America’s growing social isolation and loneliness, calling for a renewed focus on community and faith to heal the nation’s divisions. Dionne honored the spirit […]

  • Finding a Place to Call Home in California

    Despite an investment of over $20 billion in recent years to combat homelessness, California still faces a critical challenge with alarmingly high numbers of people living on the streets and in their vehicles. Jessica Castillo-Tapia, a graduating senior at UC Santa Barbara, understands the harsh realities of housing insecurity from her own life experiences. Raised […]

  • Navigating the Political Landscape with Congressman Jamie Raskin

    Congressman Jamie Raskin has been serving the people of Maryland’s 8th congressional district with pride since his election in 2016. Prior to his political career, he was a constitutional law professor at American University Washington College of Law for over 25 years, shaping the minds of future jurists. During President Trump’s tumultuous tenure, Raskin’s deep […]

  • American Democracy and the Crisis of Majority Rule

    What happens when a government begins to restrict voting, violent threats are made against election workers, and an incumbent tries to overturn an election result? According to the international organization Freedom House, such efforts lower your country’s score on the global freedom index, which measures the strength of your democracy. A decade ago, the U.S. […]

  • Shifting Tides: How Oil Companies Can Become Champions of Sustainability

    In an engaging talk led by Paasha Mahdavi, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UC Santa Barbara, the spotlight is cast on major oil companies and their crucial role in combating climate change. Mahdavi argues for the urgent need for these corporations to embrace sustainable practices, highlighting their potential shift from being major contributors to […]

  • Ending Poverty in America Requires Grassroots Activism

    What causes poverty and how do we fix it? Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Princeton sociologist Matthew Desmond has dedicated years to answering these critical questions. “I think we actively benefit from poverty,” Desmond said in a recent Helen Edison Lecture Series discussion at UC San Diego Park and Market. “Not because we want to…often it’s […]

  • Restoring the American Dream: Insights from Big Data

    The promise of the American Dream, once almost a certainty for the vast majority of children in the United States, has significantly diminished. Raj Chetty, a renowned professor at Harvard University and director of Opportunity Insights, delves into this issue with his talk, “The Science of Economic Opportunity: New Insights from Big Data.” Utilizing extensive […]

  • The Paradox of Progressive Governance: Ezra Klein on California’s Challenges

    In a thought-provoking discussion with Amy E. Lerman, Chair and Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at UC Berkeley, Ezra Klein, a renowned opinion columnist and podcast host for The New York Times, delved deep into the heart of California’s most pressing issues. The state, known for its progressive policies, is paradoxically grappling with […]

  • U.S.-China Relations: A Delicate, Diplomatic Dance

    U.S.-China relations stands as a linchpin in today’s global landscape, encapsulating an intricate blend of significance, complexity, and urgency. To comprehend how the U.S. forges its China policy, it is important to look at the evolving strategies employed by different administrations over the years. In this compelling conversation, Susan Shirk, professor emeritus at the UC […]

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