Art and Science: Understanding the Effects of Climate Change on Kelp Forests

Southern California’s giant kelp forests, composed of rapidly growing large brown algae, are among the most productive ecosystems on the planet. These underwater forests support a diverse array of life, forming a vibrant community that thrives within them.

Kelp forests anchor themselves atop rocky reefs, a place where few other plants can establish, thanks to their unique holdfast system. Rather than rooting into the soil, kelp clings to submerged rocks, creating a highly productive habitat. This environment is home to a wide array of fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals, laying the foundation for a thriving ecosystem.

However, as our climate shifts due to global warming, these vital ecosystems face potential threats from the region’s warming waters. Unlike terrestrial forests, the changes occurring within these underwater realms often remain unseen by most of us.

Join biologist Mohammad Sedarat and artist Oriana Poindexter in an exploration of their collaboration on “Hold Fast,” an innovative art exhibition at Birch Aquarium. This immersive experience delves into the heart of our local giant kelp forests, where art and science merge to highlight the impacts of climate change. Discover how this unique collaboration provides visitors with a profound perspective, underscoring the vital role of these marine ecosystems through the evocative power of art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the beauty and significance of these underwater ecosystems.

Watch Hold Fast: Envisioning Climate Change through the Art and Science of Our Local Giant Kelp Forests.