Your Eyes Can Deceive You: Exposing Deepfakes

Have you ever seen software that allows you to take an old still photo and magically have it smile at you? Or turn your selfie into a photograph that could be found in a yearbook from the 1990s?

The technology that began as simple digital video manipulation for motion pictures has moved into deepfake technology that can more easily deceive the public. This digital video manipulation has become so convincing and readily accessible that it has the potential to undermine core functions and norms throughout society.

In this episode of TecHype, UC Berkeley professor Hany Farid, a world-renowned expert in the analysis of digitally manipulated images, takes a deep dive into determining what a ‘deepfake’ is and explores how these AI-generated images, videos, and audio can be used for both amusing and alarming purposes.

Farid highlights the increasing prevalence of deepfakes and their impact on society. He examines their transformative role in the entertainment industry, from enhancing creativity and promoting advocacy campaigns to impersonating public figures, which can potentially manipulate elections or lead to fraud. Farid offers strategies that can keep you safe from harmful deepfakes, such as digital watermarking and detection tools.

Watch: Debunking Deepfakes.