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Prevention is the Essence of Wellness and Good Health

8232Certainly it is better, easier and cheaper to prevent disease than treat it.

Although preventive medicine has focused traditionally on children and younger adults, current medical thinking is that adults — and especially older adults — also need specific attention to preventive medicine to minimize the chance of acute and chronic illnesses.

This series with UCSF experts on preventive medicine, integrative medicine, and internal medicine reviews current evidence on:

Cancer Prevention and Screening


High Blood Pressure

Diseases of Aging

Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Lifestyle Practices

Vaccines for Adults

Find out what you can do to prevent disease rather than treat it.

Watch New Guidelines for Preventive Medicine in Adults: An Integrative Approach to Prevent Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease, Infections and Other Diseases of Aging


UCTV Prime: Cuts Goes to the Dogs

Today, UCTV Prime premieres the first installment in the “UCTV Prime: Cuts,” a biweekly series of segments focusing on research developments, entertaining events and interesting personalities from the University of California.

The debut episode brings viewers inside UC Davis’ Center for Companion Animal Health at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine where veterinarians and physicians are busy researching cancer in both pets and people to develop better treatments for both.┬áIt’s a research endeavor that should appeal to dog and human lovers alike.