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Force and Diplomacy with Karl Eikenberry

A commander of the army and a diplomat seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum of foreign relations, but the two titles have been filled by one man: Karl Eikenberry.

In this episode of Conversations with History, Harry Kreisler is joined by Karl Eikenberry, who commanded coalition troops in Afghanistan and served as US Ambassador there.

Eikenberry is now the William J. Perry Fellow in International Security at Stanford University, where he continues to teach that the two roles have more in common than one might think.

He encourages people in the armed forces, particularly army and marines (those deployed on the ground) to have a strong liberal arts background in order to better understand and empathize the foreign cultures that they work within.

Watch “Force and Diplomacy with Karl Eikenberry” to hear Eikenberry give his expert opinion on the current situation in Afghanistan as the U.S. formulates an exit strategy, turning its attention towards China.

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Coming to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran

What do you know about Iran? Correction: What do you think you know about Iran?

In Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, co-authors Hillary Mann Leverett of American University and Flynt Leverett of Penn State University acknowledge the biases within Americans’ perceptions of Iran. Both authors previously worked overseas for the state department, which is how they met and were given front row seats to the government’s interactions with the Middle East beginning with the Gulf War.

Watch “Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran with Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett” as they discuss the desires and politics of Iran compared to the American quest for dominance in the region, and listen to their proposal for improving U.S. relations and perceptions of Iran, emulating the way Nixon strengthened relations with China.

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Harry Kreisler: My Forty Years at Berkeley

Long before the existence of UCTV, or the Internet for that matter, Harry Kreisler has been sitting in the host’s chair, interviewing a parade of prominent figures — world leaders, researchers, journalists, filmmakers, policy makers, academics, business icons — from inside a small studio on the UC Berkeley campus.

Kreisler, the executive director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies, launched “Conversations with History” in 1982 to share some of the campus’ incredible visitors with the public through local cable access channels. These days, Kreisler has viewers around the globe who tune in to his hour-long, in-depth interviews through UCTV’s website, YouTube and iTunes channels, iPhone app, and even on their TVs through Roku and, in California, on cable.

After his impressive 40-year career at UC Berkeley, it’s time to turn the tables on the affable host to find out what shaped his life, his work and his outlook on the university and its future. Guest hosts Jack Citrin, professor and director of the Institute of Governmental Studies, and Robert Price, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, interview Kreisler about his formative experiences, his education at Brandeis and Berkeley, and his work at the Institute of International Studies. He explains the origins of the long-running series he created, the development of his craft as an interviewer, and recalls some of the highlights of the 555 interviews he’s conducted. (Read UCTV’s 2010 interview with Kreisler for more great anecdotes.)

Watch “Conversations with History: My Forty Years at Berkeley,” online now. Then poke around the Conversations with History archive with video going back more than 30 years!


Revolution of Hope: Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico

Our long-running UC Berkeley series “Conversations with History” turns its attention south of the border with host Harry Kreisler’s wide-ranging, intimate conversation with Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico.

As he always does during his unique interviews, Kreisler delves not only into his guest’s public life, but the factors that helped shape him. President Fox shares his formative experiences, including the influence of his ancestors and teachers, his work as a businessman, and the factors that led him to enter politics.

Discussing his Presidency, Fox analyzes the problems of governing in a country simultaneously riding a democratic revolution and the transformations brought about by the new wave of globalization. He also discusses the issues of immigration and drugs and how both impact the future of U.S.-Mexican relations.

Watch “Conversations with History: Revolution of Hope — Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico,” online now. And browse through the tremendous archive of Harry Kreisler’s interviews, going all the way back to 1982!


Theda Skocpol: The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism

History happens on a regular basis on UCTV with the long-running interview series “Conversations with History,” hosted by Harry Kreisler of UC Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies, and with the election just more than a week away, we’re making history fast.

This week, Kreisler welcomes Harvard University’s Theda Skocpol for a discussion of America’s political future. After reflecting on her intellectual journey, Professor Skocpol talks about her timely new books, “Obama and America’s Political Future” and “The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism” (co-authored with Vanessa Williamson) and shares her strategy in studying political and social transformations, her analysis of the Tea Party and its long term impact on the Republican Party, and the reasons for President Obama’s failure to meet progressive expectations after the high hopes generated by his 2008 campaign.

Watch The Tea Party with Theda Skocpol – Conversations with History