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In Memoriam: Reach for the Stars with Sally Ride

UCTV's "Reach for the Stars with Sally Ride"

Sadly, we learned today that Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, UC San Diego Professor Emeritus, and an advocate for science education, passed away at her home in San Diego. She was 61.

The UC San Diego campus, where Ride became Professor of Physics in 1989 (and where UCTV is based), is already relatively quiet this summer break, but the news of Ride’s premature passing due to pancreatic cancer has created a more somber tone. Her loss will obviously also be felt at the San Diego-based company she founded, Sally Ride Science, which provided science education materials and assistance to teachers and schools.

In February 2011, Ride visited UC Berkeley to deliver the UC Berkeley Physics Regent’s Lecture titled “Reach for the Stars with Sally Ride.” In the talk, she advocates for a stronger foundation of math and science education by describing her own path into the space program. There’s no better way to honor this distinguished woman’s memory than listening to her heartfelt dream that every student — not just future rocket scientists — learn to love math and science.


Reach for the Stars with Sally Ride

On June 18, 1983, Sally Ride rocketed into space aboard the space shuttle Challenger. As the first American woman to fly in space (and now a professor of physics at UC San Diego), Ms. Ride knows just how important a solid math and science education is in making dreams like hers a reality. Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of 18 year-olds are showing up for college or career unprepared.

In this inspiring UC Berkeley talk, Professor Ride describes her own path into the space program and discusses the need to improve science and math education for all students — not just future rocket scientists.

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