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Aicardi-Goutieres: A Rare Disorder, A Unique Look into the Brain

8232Using brains-in-a-dish (cortical organoids), the Muotri Lab at UC San Diego has developed a new treatment for Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome. This study not only identified the underlying mechanisms that drive AGS but has also led to surprising revelations about neuroinflammation. Learn how they repurposed HIV antiretroviral drugs to rescue mutated cells and what this research means for studying other neurological conditions such as autism and schizophrenia.

Watch: Reconstructing the Brain in a Dish: Emergence of Neuroinflammation from Retrotransposons


Stem Cells and the Future of Medicine

There’s a lot of talk about the promise of stem cells, but do you really understand what’s getting researchers so excited?

Well, now’s your chance to learn from the man who literally wrote the book on it, Lawrence Goldstein, Director of UC San Diego’s Stem Cell Program, and author of “Stem Cells for Dummies” (so you know you can handle it).

In “Stem Cells and the Future of Medicine,” Dr. Goldstein shares the basic principles of stem cells and examines the promise they offer and how they can be safely and effectively employed.