Malcom McDowell — An Actor’s perspective on “A Clockwork Orange”

27695It’s been more than forty years since Stanley Kubrick released “A Clockwork Orange,” the dystopian satire that introduced many people to its star Malcolm McDowell. McDowell has a rather diverse resume – “Caligula,” “O Lucky Man,” two “Halloween” films and “Star Trek: Generations” along with appearances in television programs and recently commercials. But it is the character of Alex in “Clockwork” that resonates with the most people, even now.

McDowell recently attended a screening of the 1971 film at the Carsey-Wolf Center at UC Santa Barbara then sat down with Matt Ryan for Script to Screen. McDowell is quite candid as he thinks back on the process of making the film – including Kubrick shutting the set down for five days while they worked out a critical scene. Hearing his perspective on a film and director that have been analyzed for decades is fascinating. He ends by advising young screenwriters on their craft, cautioning them to write about something they emotionally know if they want to attract actors of his caliber.

Watch Script to Screen with Malcom McDowell.

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