Category: Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • Navigating Water Challenges

    Water is a vital resource that touches every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the ecosystems we cherish. Ensuring its sustainable management is a challenge that requires multidisciplinary solutions. Recently, experts examined various facets of water management, including environmental concerns, agriculture, and international cooperation. Panelists included moderator Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach, founder […]

  • The Magic of Mushrooms

    Presented by the Berry Good Food Foundation, the Future Thought Leaders series is an engaging portfolio of multidisciplinary programs that present varying viewpoints on sustainable food-related topics. For their 10th program with UCTV, the focus is mushrooms. Mushrooms play a crucial role in our natural ecosystem; they have been used medicinally by indigenous cultures for […]

  • Medicine of the Future

    UCSF has a long history of pioneering biomedical research and a bold vision for advancing science and seeking new ways to improve health care delivery nationwide. But, what does that actually mean in the near future and beyond? This new series, part of the popular Mini Medical School for the Public, takes you inside the […]