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  • Riding the Wave of Ingenuity

    Surfing in the Olympics? Fernando Aguerre dreams big! A lifelong love of surfing propelled him from law school in Argentina to co-founding the iconic surf brand Reef in California and then leading the international campaign to make surfing an Olympic sport. He followed his heart, which as attorney John Gartman explains, is the key to […]

  • Up Next: Perspectives on the Future of Everything

    Some folks believe that peering into a crystal ball can predict the future. Others believe in the power of divination or fortune telling. While the methods differ, the question is usually the same. What does the future have in store? Marty Lasden and co-producer, lawyer/author Eric Berkowitz, try to distinguish the prophets from the crackpots […]

  • UC Santa Barbara Shines As Its Speaker Series Tops 22.8 Million Hits/Views

    Who would have thought that UC Santa Barbara’s Distinguished Speaker Series would generate nearly 23 million hits/views? Certainly not I when I took over the program five years ago. The speaker series, which is part of the University’s Technology Management Program, has attracted an impressive cadre of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, including: Peter Levine […]

  • Find out what it takes to succeed from the Technology Management Program at UCSB

    Want to hear directly from successful people? Sit in with the students in the Technology Management Program at UCSB. Imagine that you are a student at UC Santa Barbara and you are looking beyond your education to your career. You may excel in your course work but you know that being part of the innovation […]